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Hunger is rooted in a lack of income.

Imagine a single mother with one child who works full time for $8.00/hour, a little more than minimum wage.  She makes about $1,386 per month – for food, rent, clothes, child care, and medical care. Not enough, right? But at just ABOVE the federal poverty level, she makes too much to qualify for Food Assistance.

Ultimately, the root of hunger lies in poverty. People are hungry when they lack the income to purchase enough food for a healthy and active life. Each day there are thousands of people in our community who wake up hungry and have no means to satisfy this basic human need. Some have lost their jobs. Some hold two jobs. The challenges of daily survival for these individuals and their families are daunting and don’t simply disappear.

Explains NC Policy Watch, “High rates of food hardship and economic insecurity persist due to an economic recovery that is marked by too few jobs, a boom in low-wage work, and income growth that is bypassing the average family and going to the top earners.”

Overall Poverty in the Greater Triangle1

  • Wake- 11.6% (105,629)
  • Durham- 19.5% (51,591)
  • Orange – 17% (21,447)
  • Chatham – 11.3% (7.182)
  • Johnston- 15.3% (26,116)
  • Nash- 19.7% (18,491)
  • Edgecombe -25.6% (14,019)
  • Total in our seven county area = 244,475

What is the Federal Poverty Level?

  • For a family of four, making under $23,550 a year
  • For a single person,  making under $11,490 a year

North Carolina unemployment rate ranks among the highest in the nation.

Learn more about poverty in NC on, and check out their documentary, “Every Fourth Child…Still” below:

Learn more and take action

IFFS is training unemployed and underemployed adults with severe life challenges for success and steady careers in the food industry through our Culinary Job Training Program, and helping beginning farmers get their businesses off the ground through our Incubator Farm Program.

Raise awareness about hunger and poverty in our community. Find out what you can do here.



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