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Mobile Tastiness Machine

Mobile Meals

Picture a neighborhood ice cream truck; now picture that truck feeding hot meals and fresh foods to children in need. That picture is a reality with our Mobile Meals program, reducing childhood food insecurity and improving health and wellness.

Our Mobile Meals Food Truck, a.k.a. the Mobile Tastiness Machine serves healthy meals prepared by our culinary staff to kids in selected neighborhoods during out of school times, along with nutrition education and physical activities.

Why a Food Truck?

There are over 118,00 children needing free or reduced price lunch in the 7 county area we serve. School meals are clearly an effective hunger safety net, but what do these kids eat when school is not in session?

Traditional children’s hunger relief programs fill an important need in our community, but many are linked to sites such as summer camps and after-school programs, where the most vulnerable children may not be identified. The need is greater. The Mobile Meals program addresses this need by going to where the need is, taking healthy, nutritious food directly  into low income neighborhoods.

The meals are prepared by culinary interns, hired graduates of the IFFS Culinary Job Training Program, with the high standards of food quality and safety as prescribed by our training curriculum and monitored by our in house staff or highly trained professional chefs.

Not only does the truck reach kids in need with free, healthy hot meals and fresh whole produce for their families, it also provides tools like jump-ropes to promote physical activity and nutritional education and demonstrations to teach children and parents how to create healthy, nutritious meals.  We’re fighting hunger and childhood obesity!

Where to find the truck?

This summer we’ll serving supper at the Parrish Manor Community, twice a week in partnership with Read and Feed of Wake County at Horseshoe Park, and at Chavis Community Center’s “Dancing in the Park” events.

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