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Collard Gleaning Kids

Field Gleaning

The idea is simple. We can FEED THE HUNGRY with what is left in the field.

The excess production of area farms is a rich source of fresh, healthy produce. Our Field Gleaning program connects farmers who have excess crops with people who need fresh produce.

Farmers call us when they have extra crops. We bring a farmer-trained volunteer crew, gather the produce, and distribute it to people in need in our seven-county area.

Why we do this

  • Did you know this area’s low income communities have some of the highest rates of obesity and chronic disease in the country? They also have the most limited access to healthy, fresh foods. By participating in a Field Gleaning, you provide communities in need with access to fresh, nutritious food.
  • Inter-Faith Food Shuttle aims to reduce loss, not only at the retail level, but also at the farm level. All told, approximately 7% of planted fields in the United States are typically not harvested each year for a variety of reasons.
  • 100 million pounds of produce are left  in the field in NC (Society of St. Andrew) All of this could go to feed hungry people.
  • Learn more about field gleaning here, from our partner, Society of St. Andrews!

Field Gleaning as an Individual

Anyone can volunteer at a Field Gleaning. Field work is a wonderful way to connect, and you can easily make a big difference for our less fortunate neighbors. Sign up here to volunteer as a Gleaner!

“It was a new experience for me, and I got to work with a great team…Watching the truck drive off and knowing that we helped someone who is hungry means more than anything else.” ~Whitlety Lovette, Stantonsburg, NC

Field Gleaning as a Group

Organize your coworkers, place of worship, or friends to glean together. Sign up for a group gleaning today!

Field Gleaning NCSU Library group

“We really enjoyed gleaning as group. It was a great opportunity to work together for a great cause that is really a win-win for the farmer and those fighting hunger.”

~Dylan Gupere, gleaner from Kenly, NC

“We have such a good time out there, competing to see who can gather the most. It’s so relaxing to get outside away from the office and put your hands in the dirt.”

~ Dennis Sargent, Jr. of Next Level Business Networking International, Cary, NC

Age Policy

Our Age Policy is designed to ensure that we have an able group of gleaners, while also allowing young children the opportunity to experience gleaning.

Age 6 and under: 1 adult per child

Age 7 to 11: 1 adult per group of 3 children

Age 12 to 18: 1 adult per group of 10

Farmers: How to Donate Crops

Become a partner in hunger relief by hosting a Field Gleaning. Little of your time is required, and we treat your land with respect and care. Bonus: your donation is tax deductible.

If you want gleaners to visit your farm, contact Janny Chappell at

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