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Mobile Markets

Mobile Markets are direct distributions of groceries and fresh produce in low income neighborhoods, designed to meet people at their point of need. We bring a refrigerated truck full of food, often including fresh produce gleaned from a local farm the day before, to a community center, church, or health clinic.  We set up a temporary market where folks who need food can “shop” for free!  Families can choose the foods they enjoy.

Over 40% of the food we distribute is fresh produce.  Many of our Mobile Markets include “Food Matters” nutrition lessons and cooking demonstrations to help families learn how to prepare this fresh produce in healthful, safe, and tasty ways. IFFS facilitates 30 total Mobile Markets per month (both open to the public and closed communities).

Some of the nutrition demos take place at Medical Mobile Markets. We partner with medical centers to provide “prescription produce” of free fresh fruits and vegetables for low-income patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other ailments so that they can adhere to their doctor’s dietary instructions.

Why mobile markets?

Mobile Markets are efficient and cost effective.  Because they do not require a permanent building or permanent staff, location set-up is flexible and hours can shift to weekends and evenings when people who are working are more able to access them.

It’s all part of building hunger-free communities where all members have access to enough nutritious food for a healthy and active life, as well as the knowledge and skills to utilize it!

But beyond providing access,  Mobile Markets bring communities together to celebrate nutritious food!

Want to help?

Learn more about the issues of food deserts and hunger in our community here.

Where are our mobile markets?

We partner to run FREE mobile food markets in various locations in and around the Triangle. Click here for a map and list of monthly Mobile Markets that are open to the public.

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