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What does teaching have to do with hunger relief? Plenty, because at the root of hunger is poverty, and the best way out of poverty is education.  We teach skills for self-sufficiency and healthy living. We teach to ensure  that all members of our community can generate enough income, have access to enough fresh, healthy food, and have the knowledge and resources to feed themselves and their families.

We teach unemployed and under-employed adults culinary skills to prepare them for a steady career in commercial kitchens through our Culinary Job Training Program.  Our paid internships train graduates of the  CJTP program in specific skills to advance their careers in the food industry.

We teach families how to prepare healthy meals on a limited budget through our Nutrition Education programs. We arm people with the knowledge to shop for and prepare food that is both good for them and affordable.

We teach people what sustainable agriculture looks like on our Teaching Farm, allowing volunteers to connect with where their food comes from. On the Teaching Farm, we also mentor and guide beginning farmers through our Incubator Farm Program.

We educate and empower youth to re-imagine and re-create the food system in their own neighborhoods with backyard and community gardens.   We train individuals with the  necessary skills to grow and market food in the city through our Seed to Seed Urban Agriculture Training Program.

We educate and connect new and established farmers who are dedicated to creating a more just and sustainable food system through the Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training, United Piedmont. Through NC Farm Link , we provide resources and connections between  landowners and farmers seeking land to support the next generation of North Carolina farmers.



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