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Food Matters Mobile Markets

Food Matters at Mobile Markets

As Inter-Faith Food Shuttle works to increase access to fresh and local produce in low-income communities, Food Matters ensures that people have the knowledge and skills to utilize it by presenting this information at Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Mobile Markets. In addition to covering topics such as USDA’s MyPlate and reading food labels, Food Matters emphasizes introducing people to less common local produce items and educating on how best to select, prepare, and store fresh produce.

What are Mobile Markets?

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle delivers fresh produce in low income neighborhoods through Mobile Markets, meeting people at their point of need.  IFFS provides nutrition lessons and cooking demonstrations at these mobile markets to help families prepare the fresh produce they receive in healthful, safe, and tasty ways.

What does Food Matters at Mobile Markets look like?

Food Matters programming at Mobile Markets is centered around monthly themes, such as choosing whole grains.  Nutrition Interns engage shoppers with nutritional lessons/activities, cooking demonstrations and recipe samples, and monthly health challenges.

The recipes used at Mobile Markets demonstrate key elements of the monthly theme, are simple, nutritious, and low-cost, and feature produce that will be available at the market, particularly in-season and less familiar produce items.

Where and when do Mobile Markets occur?

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle implements Food Matters programming at specific Mobile Markets, once a month.

  • Wake Forest Baptist, Wake Forest, NC, the third Tuesday of every month, from 3:30pm to 5:00pm.

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